Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lord is my _____

Good Shepherd Sunday! Love this collection of Good Shepherd passages. But for a lesson, we had already covered it. (The Baaaa study.) As much as I LOVE theKing James translation, it is hard for modern folk to connect to the shepherd imagery. So I was thinking about a lesson where we looked for a new metaphor; the Lord is my ______.

The problem is that (a) shepherd is really good, and gets better the more you know about it, and (b) I struggled with coming up with a new metaphor. I am not opposed to giving students things with which I struggle, but I do use that to get at appropriate difficulty.

Karen had the idea to use Prayer Out of the Box to get at praises of God... which worked pretty well. It was hard to get the students completely engaged today, but it is an amazing collection of scripture for praise. They picked two cards, and then selected one passage from the choices on each of their cards.

We then made a poster of it afterwards! They weren't too much into that either (beginning to think it's the teacher), but Xavi and Yzzy helped me finish it up afterwards.

Praise His name!

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