Friday, October 12, 2012

What We Are

Give a short talk for Lakeshore Fellowship's first family night. Parents meeting together while their kids are in middle school or K-5 ministry. The theme I was given was individuality, based on Ephesians 2:10.  I had the following Prezi:

Ephesians 2
We can believe this because it’s scripture. But, what’s the hardest part to believe? To really make sense of? (Small group discussion.)

Sir Ken 15:18-17:45

Ken’s big point is helping students find their element. I think of parenting the same way. How do we find out where our children’s greatest strengths are? Especially when we can see that it can make such a difference. From this I get both the idea that strengths are not always obvious and can even appear negative, and that this parenting thing is the hardest job.

From, if you can believe it. But if you’re a Christian you actually believe this. Paul seems to know that it’s hard to believe because he writes…

Ephesians 5:1-2
God’s children, each and every one. And we’re supposed to imitate God as a parent. No pressure. 

Temple Grandin
Often when we talk about individuality we just talk about the warm fuzzies. Temple’s story makes clear the strengths and challenges. She has abilities that are rare and challenges that she has faced only through support. It’s one of the best parenting stories I know. (Small group discussion: what are the strengths and challenges you have to deal with?)

With your whole Very
Jesus’ pick for the greatest commandment comes from the section of Scripture known as the Shema to the Jews.  When we look at that passage from Deuteronomy, the connection to parenting is clear. Looking at the Hebrew language raises some alternate interpretations. Instead of the love God full out, pedal to the metal feel of most English translations, it sounds like loving God as come-as-you-are, for the long haul, and this prase that seems to sound as odd in Hebrew as it does English: love God with all your very. With your peculiarities, your extremes, your gifts and your problems. Very comforting to me.

Ephesians 6:18
How can we do this? Paul told us this, too. Through prayer and all together.

Community: one of my favorite images for cooperation. Because it’s hard, and because we’re only complete together.

Pray: Together for all of us.

P.S. Remember the “God has made us” part of “God has made us what we are.”

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